“My work has been the great liberator in my life, taking me to places that I wouldn’t have traveled to if I had chosen another path. It has freed my vision and allowed me to see potential and materialize that potential, where seemingly there was none.” – Norm Maxwell

“Voyage Through The Void” by Norm Maxwell

Opening Reception, April 16th // 6pm – 10:00pm
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The exhibit will be on view to the public, April 16th through May 15th.

Gallery 38 is pleased to invite you to the second solo exhibition of new work by Norman “Nomzee” Maxwell. Maxwell is an American Contemporary Artist based in Los Angeles. Maxwell’s signature style references a broad range of emotions, symbols and ancient traditions which manifest through a stream of the subconscious, creating a rich and diverse visual language that is uniquely his own.

“Voyage Through The Void”, his latest work is a departure from the social issues and subject matter of the material world. He has sought refuge from the chaos, immersing himself into a whole-hearted reconstruction of mind, body and spirit in the esoteric realm.

Traditionally, Maxwell has used a wide range of color in his work to create a palette with vast opportunity. In this series, he uses two colors from opposite ends of the spectrum, with the intention of using color to express duality.

Maxwell’s paintings and urban art are recognizably rich and so unique that art connoisseurs around the globe seek his work. A perfect example is the serendipitous bond established between he and Jun Moon of Seoul, Korea. In June 2015, Maxwell was able to extend his artistic reach; arching over land and sea like a meteor and presenting the Norm Maxwell gallery to Seoul. His last exhibit with the gallery, Channel 7: A Composition in G Major”, opened successfully with museum curators and collectors alike in attendance.

The exhibition will be on view to the public, April 16th through May 15th. Gallery 38 is located at 5376 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90016. Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 1- 6pm.

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